Thousands Audition Downtown For Final Season Of American Idol

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (June 25, 2015) -. 6,000 people braved severe weather and long lines, waiting for their chance to audition for the last season of American Idol.

Auditions were held in Georgia Street. They were taken inside the Hotel Omni after severe weather hit the area.

American Idol

Many participants camped overnight. American Idol team members say FOX59, the first contestants began lining up at 10:00 pm Wednesday. The last contestants were seen to 5:00 pm Thursday.

Singers traveled from across the country, and for many of them was their first audition time.

Tori Bullock made the five-hour drive from Kentucky. She just turned 15 this year. That means it’s the first time I was able to audition.

“I feel very confident in myself because I worked very hard,” Bullock said.

Indianapolis Resident Ronlad Tunstill had auditioned for Idol experience.

“Years ago, I did not even make it past the first round, but I intend to go all the way this time,” he said.

For some singers, talent runs in the family. Khadijah Jones, Indianapolis, was nervous about his first and last audition time.

“My mother, when I was younger, took art classes and she also sings opera. My dad is a music producer and plays guitar,” Jones said.

The music is in the blood of residents of Bloomington Robbie Rylan. He said he only expected to be through the competition as he can.

“My father was a guitarist in a band in the 1980s in Los Angeles and raised me some old rock and roll,” he said.

Many sacrificed a lot for a hearing on Thursday, including a Hoosier hero.

Navy veteran Joshua Hazlewood is auditioning for the first time. That’s because he spent the last years abroad.

“I spent five years in the army and a pair deployments, have been able to reach some of the places that American Idol was in” Hazlewood said.

He was able to take from work today admitted to Crane Naval Base. The struggle against our country were made, but was nervous about this opportunity of a lifetime.

“There are a lot of good people in line here, so I’m hoping that maybe I have a chance,” he said.


#TheDress Graced The American Idol Stage Tonight And It Was Definitely Not White And Gold

The dress she broke the Internet officially made its way into American Idol tonight when one of the contestants wore during her performance.

Jackie “Jax” Cole, one of the top 8 girls dress was certainly quite blue and black as she sang one slowed down, jazzed version of “Is not No Mountain High”.
american idol

Judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban were not big fans of the show, saying that changed the song a little too, but they were perfectly happy to review the color when Ryan Seacrest jumped on stage to hold the original image your cell phone.

“I see blue and black,” said Jax standing next to him.

JLo agreed that the dress is blue and black, although Harry and Keith had other ideas.

“It’s red and pink!”

“I see a hot guy holding a cell phone,” Harry shouted as Ryan Jax led off stage.

Honestly, we were in Black and Blue team from the beginning, so we were not surprised to see the true colors of clothing. We were, however, surprised that it was not really a horrible dress. We could never pull it off, but Jax looks pretty good!

“even conjax with actual dress still see white / gold in the #idol pic”

Harry Connick, Jr. And Keith Urban Open Up About The Lack Of Diversity Of American Idol Winners

In recent years, there has been a pattern in American Idol winners … and that pattern shows a clear lack of diversity.
american idol

Except for the winner of season 12, Candice Glover, most of the previous winners were white men. So when E! News seated with the judges of American Idol Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban, had to ask … do judges take into account the diversity in the vote on the Fox singing competition series?

“The best person takes it, the person who is really smart and can go all the way,” Urban E! News. “At the end of the day, for me, is coming to that.”

Connick agrees, but adds that diversity is certainly still a factor for him.

“Of course we must take into account diversity, as people who see this show are diverse,” Connick says E! News. “As many genres as we have told us they are appropriate to American Idol-like they had some opera singers come in and do not think is the right place for opera, but we have to see the singers of R & B, we must see the singers country, we must see “cafeteria” whatever “.

He continues: “Although we have a quota system itself, we were very fortunate that a diverse group went on to finish in the top group because we want everyone to be represented.”

Yet Another Major Change Ahead On American Idol

The hits keep coming for American Idol, and not referring to the hits. You will not see these giants Coca-Cola cups when the reality show returns for its fourteenth season this January. Coca-Cola has cut ties with the series of aging. Coca-Cola has been a sponsor of the show since it began in 2001.
american idol

“I can confirm that Coca-Cola and Fox have mutually decided to end our 13 years of American Idol association”, a representative of Coca-Cola told E! News. “After 13 years, we feel it is right for the Coca-Cola brand to venture into new areas and seek other opportunities to connect with teens and leveraging music as a passion point of time.”

AT & T, another long-term sponsor of American Idol, the program was eliminated in the most recent season. Ford will continue with the series, so road trips and sing-alongs will not be going anywhere.

News out of the Coca-Cola occurs after host Ryan Seacrest revealed the secret that Fox plans to cut American Idol for one night a week, which combines the performance and the results show. ABC Dancing with the Stars recently also made.

Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. are returning as judges. This will be the second year of Connick Jr., Urban third and fourth López. Randy Jackson, who served as judge of the seasons 01/12 and mentor during the season 13 will not return in that role for the season to 14. However, the door is open for him to return somehow, sometime during the next season.

Ratings for the long series of reality eroded in recent seasons with the season 13 finale bringing in 10.5 million viewers. In its heyday, the late American Idol reached an audience of over 38 million viewers.

Two nights Idol American premiere starts on Wednesday January 7, at 8 pm and continues Thursday, January 8, at 8 pm on Fox.

‘American Idol’ Contestant Michael Johns Died Of Enlarged Heart, Coroner Says

A spokesman for the Orange County coroner told the Daily News on Tuesday that the death of 35-year-old was linked to the “severe” enlargement of the heart. The fan favorite ‘Idol’ died in August in Tustin, California.
They mysterious death of “American Idol” finalist Michael Johns last summer has been linked to the “severe” enlargement of his heart, authorities said.

Johns, 35, suffered from “severe dilated cardiomyopathy with cardiomegaly,” a spokesman for the Orange County coroner told the Daily News.

Dilated cardiomyopathy is more common in men than in women and is characterized by a heart becomes enlarged and weakened to the point that it cannot pump blood efficiently.

It may result from damage caused by infectious agents, thyroid disease or alcohol abuse.

Johns also had a fatty liver and chlorpheniramine cold medication in his system when he died, coroner’s spokesman said Tuesday.

The “Americal Idol” fan favorite, was found dead on the couch of a friend in Tustin, Calif.
The friend quickly called 911 and said he found the contestant on the seventh season of the hit TV series unresponsive to return home.

Johns said was cold to the touch and with early signs of rigor mortis, because it was difficult to get flat on the ground to chest compressions, 911 recording obtained by The News revealed.

Celebrity said the musician had sprained his ankle before he died and went to the doctor with knee swelling.

An unidentified police source later told that excessive consumption of alcohol may have been a factor.

Producers “Idol” Johns issued a statement calling “an incredible talent.”

“We are deeply saddened by the news of his death. He was a part of our family of American Idol and he will be truly missed,” said the statement. “Our hearts and prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult time.”

Originally from Perth, Australia, Johns survived by his wife in Los Angeles Stacey Vuduris.

Vuduris organized a touching tribute in September with the performance of the E Street Band Steven Van Zandt, of Chicago Peter Cetera and alumni of “Idol” Ruben Studdard and Brooke White.

“It was very emotional to arm, but has been somewhat therapeutic as well,” he told People magazine. “It was overwhelming to see how much people loved him.”

Review ‘American Idol’ Live A Grim Reminder Of Show’s Faded Glory

The case of the fall of “American Idol” into irrelevance – in addition to their overall scores, sagging, frequent personnel changes and struggling contestants – could have been made in its annual summer tour, which stopped in Los Angeles on Thursday.

american idol

A lot sample season contestants, the tour has traditionally been the last cycle of the “Idol” machine. The finalists are given a new lease of advertising and the winner of the most recent year comes to annoy some post-show work.

Sadly, Thursday’s show was a sad reminder of how far “Idol” – which for many years was literally the biggest thing on television – has fallen. Once he played a brilliant show to arenas around the country, this year’s show was anchored in the most intimate Greek theater.

This was significantly better than the casinos and state fairs that the finalists have been playing this summer, but a range from recent years in the capacity of 7000-plus Nokia Theatre, where glamorous end of the show (and worst recording yet, Staples Center tour apogee). And the reduction in size place was even more evident by the anemic crowd.

More than a quarter of about 5,900 seats were Greek masked out and the crowd was an uneven mixture of excited children, parents and bored AARP (no joke, had ads before the show).

But the nine finalists (country crooner Dexter Roberts left by disease) seriously tried to do the best with what they were given – and it was not much. There was live music on stage, and for a show that has always been lampooned as a glorified karaoke contest, the movement felt ironic.

Music tracks aside, the staging were too heavy for the Greek infrastructure.

A huge video screen that seemed to be recycled from the series swallowed up the stage with a trio of platforms and lighting towers that take up more space. It was a useless addition considering Ryan Seacrest and the judges did not even bother to shoot greetings and contestants were forced to enter each other while waiting sidemen advancing to their tracks.

Clips of the contestants that were already seen during the show’s run were selected, along with basic graphics that made Thursday’s show look like a flashy high school musical. The whole thing was embarrassing, uncomfortable, especially for those who had been to previous tours.

During the two-hour show (there was an intermediate) to the finalists plowed through a few covers and originals that the public had already been done in the show.

Rose took Majesty “Tightrope” with cheerful mood. Malaya Watson delivered a stunning take of “When I Was Your Man” on the piano (thankfully number of contestants was able to play instruments). CJ Harris uses the intimacy of the place going for a moving shot of “Gravity”. Jena Irene reminded the audience of his superstar potential with his set solo.

But memorable moments were scarce, as several finalists chose to mark it. This was clearly the case of the favorite show Alex Preston, Jessica Maas and Sam Woolf, who all seemed to have preferred to be somewhere else while they were on stage.

Apex frustrating show came with the winner Caleb Johnson spend his set on the songs played in the program and not a preview of his newly released debut, “Testify”.

Johnson album was promoted at least one video segment available for purchase at the merchandising stand. Some fans even hoisted in the sky during their set, but even that felt like a consolation.

Are American Idol’s Ratings Down Because Viewers Miss Nicki Minaj? Hear What Nicki Herself Has To Say!

American Idol’s ratings are at their lowest and just keep sinking point.

Does that mean you are losing fans Nicki Minaj? Or maybe that infamous, juicy feud between Nicki and Mariah Carey judges table last season?

We could not help asking Nicki the same question at the premiere of another woman, and the outrageous rapper has his own ideas about why his idol season took a bigger audience : 1 ) Chemical (we can call it that) between judges and 2 ) A better talent.

Do you Idol fans agree?

“It was a very dynamic year,” Minaj tells E! The news of his season in the singing competition of Fox, “not only from us be crazy as judges, but the contestants! Mean we’ve been listening to Angie Miller all day and I’m not lying. I had my team glam all hear her single “You set me free.”

I heard listerally the last 24 hours straight and cannot believe that nothing happened with that song! I’m obsessed. Singing I think our season was crazy. ”

Still, despite mediocre ratings this year, she still holds idol worth having around.” I think overall it is a great platform of its kind for people, who need a voice, and I just need someone to listen and so I wish them well. ”

Nicki seems to have done regerets on Idol, and even his fight with Miss Mariah – mostly because apparently helped her land a role plum on the other woman.

The rapper and former Idol judge is set to make her film debut in the highly anticipated film alongisde Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton, and it seem that she can have her time sparring with Mariah appreciated!

In revenge comedy Nick Cassavetes directed Minaj plays Lydia, Frank Diaz and assistant Minaj said exclusively to E! The news that she was not originally what the director had in mind when the paper was launched.

“They were really looking to cast a good Jewish girl for that role, and I’m, I guess, Jews now, because he saw me and thought I would be a good Lydia,” Minaj gushed during our sitdown.

And where Cassavetes first see Minaj? In American Idol, of course! See our exclusive interview with Minaj up to hear how his time on Idol may have helped her land her first film role.

The Other Woman hits theaters on April 25, while American Idol airs Wednesdays at 8 pm and Thursdays at 21:00 on Fox.