‘American Idol’ Recap: Top 10 Revealed

But Ben Briley of “Bennie and the Jets performance was songs movie night is anything but cheap .

American Idol Live music

Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. in “American Idol”.

Ben Briley Summer is suddenly free . The 24- year-old, the simulated version of Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets” , finished in last place , and was sent packing on ” American Idol ” Thursday night .

Here’s why, when I give them the option , students should not sing songs of ” 27 Dresses ” in the songs of the movie night :

Briley Gets The Boot
” Today’s result may surprise some people,” said Ryan Seacrest on Thursday in the opening episode results. But that is actually on Wednesday Consequently, the ( word Harry Connick Jr. ‘ s ) “nonsense “ Briley parody of ” Bennie and the Jets” , which came out worse than drunk karaoke James Marsden and Katherine Heigl were treated version , seen in ” 27 Dresses “ – a film that Briley admitted he had never seen .

“It was very different and show people that I really do different things,” Briley said his selection of songs during the results episode. “It was a gamble, and I really hope it’s worth.”

They did not, and simply forgot Briley joining “Idol” tour this year summer. How close? Only 0.07 percent of the 72 million votes reported from this week, the penultimate placed Majesty Rose isolates him , Seacrest announced . The judges went with one of the season saved him, citing his lack of growth from week to week, and Briley will be in the next house jet Gallatin, Tennessee.

Majesty Rose, Sam Woolf in the last three
Rose and Sam Woolf relegation round this week. Rose hit bottom after a shaky take vocally one of the most popular on the planet current songs , the anthem “Frozen” “Let It Go” , while timid Show Woolf – bid version of the Beatles “Come Together” gave his first trip to the ” Idol” – the basement.

But both Rose and Woolf live for the “Idol” – summer tour, along with the rest of the 10 finalists of the season.

MK Enjoy safety – for once
MK Nobillette was safe from the threat of removal for the first time this week. Its beautiful, soulful rendition of “To make you feel my love “stole the show on Wednesday, although slow to accept judges , and gave a new life in the competition.

Bottom dwellers Back Jena Irene Watson and Malaya were also from harm.

Harry Connick and Mali who play music

Harry Connick Jr. took a break to provide hard (but valuable! ) The review of candidates and Thursday on the show, she sang a medley of his song “One Fine Thing” and” Come with me.” It was even one of his biggest fans, Munfarid Zaidi , the ” Idol “ – superfan attended that memorable cradled in his arms during the auditions this year participants Connick and Connick .

Thursday also saw a performance of Savannah, Georgia, hip-hop/soul singer Mali Music, after an introduction by Jennifer Lopez new single “Beautiful,” he sang.

Top 10 Top 10 Do

Next week will be the “Idols” take the songs out of 10 , and all must be hit RBI singles from 2010 to the present. On Thursday, the results show Jennifer Lopez will perform her new single “I Luh PaPi Ya” as well as the performance of New Orleans and newcomers to real teeth.


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