‘American Idol’ 2014 Top 8 Revealed: The Results Are Good For Our Metro Detroit Contestants

The “American Idol” Top 8 2014 just unveiled, and it was good news for at least two contestants metropolitan Detroit.

american idol

Malaya Jena Watson Southfield and Farmington Hills Asciutto Irene were the first two contestants who advanced.

But Sam Woolf of Florida, who is originally from West Bloomfield, landed in the bottom 3.

Did he do that?

Shelby Miller – a junior at Portland St. Patrick High School and a Season 13 contestant who has been blogging for mlive – just submitted its report, running down the results.

The results of “American Idol” live show that began with the entrance of the mentor this season, Randy Jackson.

Three best selections Randy performances last night were Jena Irene, Malaysian Watson and Caleb Johnson. I agreed with Randy peaks and I believe that these three last night showed great talent.

The results began with the exciting news for Jena that he learned that she was safe and would be moving into the Top 8. Jena was soon joined Watson Malaya was very excited to learn his fate on the show.

In only 28 years old, Janelle Monáe performed his song “What Is Love” for his first appearance on the Idol stage.

The results continued as Alex Preston learned that he too would join Jena and Malaya in the Top 8.

Jessica Meuse was happy to join Alex, and also learned that she would be moving on.

The fifth contestant to participate in the Top 8 was Caleb Johnson. The final name called before the final three were announced was Dexter Roberts, leaving Majesty Rose, Sam Woolf, and CJ Harris in the last three.

I think the U.S. was right with this decision on the basis of the actions of the night before. I think at this stage of the competition, the talent is so immense that the cuts are made based on what the audience related to artists and vocal performance.

The results came quickly Majesty learned that Rose was going to be singing for the save , which means that CJ and Sam would move to the next stage of the competition .

Majesty took the microphone and was ready to perform. With great power, majesty made with everything he had left. Unfortunately the judges were not unanimous a time and so did not use the save.

With a shorter transmission time, Majesty was quickly let go without even your footage is showing season. Majesty is a great singer, actor and person to be far in whatever you decide to do next.


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