Harry Connick, Jr. And Keith Urban Open Up About The Lack Of Diversity Of American Idol Winners

In recent years, there has been a pattern in American Idol winners … and that pattern shows a clear lack of diversity.
american idol

Except for the winner of season 12, Candice Glover, most of the previous winners were white men. So when E! News seated with the judges of American Idol Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban, had to ask … do judges take into account the diversity in the vote on the Fox singing competition series?

“The best person takes it, the person who is really smart and can go all the way,” Urban E! News. “At the end of the day, for me, is coming to that.”

Connick agrees, but adds that diversity is certainly still a factor for him.

“Of course we must take into account diversity, as people who see this show are diverse,” Connick says E! News. “As many genres as we have told us they are appropriate to American Idol-like they had some opera singers come in and do not think is the right place for opera, but we have to see the singers of R & B, we must see the singers country, we must see “cafeteria” whatever “.

He continues: “Although we have a quota system itself, we were very fortunate that a diverse group went on to finish in the top group because we want everyone to be represented.”


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