#TheDress Graced The American Idol Stage Tonight And It Was Definitely Not White And Gold

The dress she broke the Internet officially made its way into American Idol tonight when one of the contestants wore during her performance.

Jackie “Jax” Cole, one of the top 8 girls dress was certainly quite blue and black as she sang one slowed down, jazzed version of “Is not No Mountain High”.
american idol

Judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban were not big fans of the show, saying that changed the song a little too, but they were perfectly happy to review the color when Ryan Seacrest jumped on stage to hold the original image your cell phone.

“I see blue and black,” said Jax standing next to him.

JLo agreed that the dress is blue and black, although Harry and Keith had other ideas.

“It’s red and pink!”

“I see a hot guy holding a cell phone,” Harry shouted as Ryan Jax led off stage.

Honestly, we were in Black and Blue team from the beginning, so we were not surprised to see the true colors of clothing. We were, however, surprised that it was not really a horrible dress. We could never pull it off, but Jax looks pretty good!

“even conjax with actual dress still see white / gold in the #idol pic”


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