Thousands Audition Downtown For Final Season Of American Idol

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (June 25, 2015) -. 6,000 people braved severe weather and long lines, waiting for their chance to audition for the last season of American Idol.

Auditions were held in Georgia Street. They were taken inside the Hotel Omni after severe weather hit the area.

American Idol

Many participants camped overnight. American Idol team members say FOX59, the first contestants began lining up at 10:00 pm Wednesday. The last contestants were seen to 5:00 pm Thursday.

Singers traveled from across the country, and for many of them was their first audition time.

Tori Bullock made the five-hour drive from Kentucky. She just turned 15 this year. That means it’s the first time I was able to audition.

“I feel very confident in myself because I worked very hard,” Bullock said.

Indianapolis Resident Ronlad Tunstill had auditioned for Idol experience.

“Years ago, I did not even make it past the first round, but I intend to go all the way this time,” he said.

For some singers, talent runs in the family. Khadijah Jones, Indianapolis, was nervous about his first and last audition time.

“My mother, when I was younger, took art classes and she also sings opera. My dad is a music producer and plays guitar,” Jones said.

The music is in the blood of residents of Bloomington Robbie Rylan. He said he only expected to be through the competition as he can.

“My father was a guitarist in a band in the 1980s in Los Angeles and raised me some old rock and roll,” he said.

Many sacrificed a lot for a hearing on Thursday, including a Hoosier hero.

Navy veteran Joshua Hazlewood is auditioning for the first time. That’s because he spent the last years abroad.

“I spent five years in the army and a pair deployments, have been able to reach some of the places that American Idol was in” Hazlewood said.

He was able to take from work today admitted to Crane Naval Base. The struggle against our country were made, but was nervous about this opportunity of a lifetime.

“There are a lot of good people in line here, so I’m hoping that maybe I have a chance,” he said.


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